Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 2016 update

There's been so much going on lately, I feel like I needed to just make a blog update like the old days.

First off, as some of you know, Brian broke his hand a couple months back. This has of course brought its share of setbacks for the band. He currently has his cast off but can still barely make a fist. Recordings and live shows right now are at a standstill.

The main thing we had been working on was the 12" for To Live a Lie which is currently going by the title "HOLLOWED OUT". It is going to be 24 songs. I'm really happy with the songs and think the record has a good flow. Definitely a pv/fastcore album. Not as much youth crew influence as I had originally suggested.

My goal (when Brian's hand was functioning) was to also record the noisecore cd "DISMISSAL" while in the studio, and to put my new 4 track to use to record the noisecore tape "AMMUNITION" in the rehearsal room. All 3 of these releases will be on hold until Brian is healed.

In the meantime, I am working constantly on some releases of my own. The goal is to release 5 cds at once through PROBLEMS THEY PERSIST. Two of those have been mentioned on bandcamp: the long time coming "ABANDON" and "ANNIHILATION DOCTRINE". "ANNIHILATION DOCTRINE" will also be released as a lathe through Italy's greatest record label, FOAD. I will reveal the titles and more information about the remaining 3 cds as it comes closer to completion. Fans of our more reckless nature will be pleased.

As for already recorded material, here we go: The split with GOD'S AMERICA is now going to be a cd. It was originally going to be a tape but now is a cd. Me and Andres (from GA) are going to release it as a PROBLEMS THEY PERSIST/NEGATIVE OUTLOOK joint. Our side features 12 songs which retain a much slower pace than our usual stuff with sparse lyrics and GA has contributed one slow number and one fast number. This will be released in the coming months.

There are two releases I have talked to GIVE PRAISE about releasing which are the split 7" with VIOLENT OPPOSITION and the split cd with GORGONIZED DORKS. I am not sure the status of either of these but will hopefully find out soon.

The split tape with LIFE OF REFUSAL is a strange one as there is photo evidence of the tapes' existence but neither band has copies. I suppose at the very least, you could hear our one song from it on the bandcamp (LIFE OF REFUSAL has all their songs posted too)

The split 7" with SCALPED is another one I am unsure of the status. Communication has been scarce from the band and the label. Hopefully it'll see the light of day in 2016.

I recently posted a couple tracks from the long talked about UNTITLED tape. This tape went through many revisions and I had several different plans for it. In the end, I decided to just go with 7 songs that had been sitting around collecting dust. It's definitely on the more eclectic side and I would say fans of the GAZ 66 INTRUSION split 7" would enjoy this. To be released through GRIND PLANET hopefully in June. I am getting just a few copies but will most likely be able to sell some to those interested here in the U.S.

RSR has expressed interest in releasing a "discography thus far" cd. I have been taking forever getting the songs to them, but am excited to get it out there. Because you can only fit 99 tracks on one cd, this will be a collected works from 2002-2012. Some things are still getting worked out so the final tracklist will be revealed at a later time.

In the summer of 2014, a split 7" was agreed upon between us and RABID PIGS. I have 7 songs written for this that were originally in the TO THE POINT/SCALPED group of songs. RABID PIGS are still working on their side and I would imagine this will be a 2017 release.

Many songs were written in 2015 which will materialize in 4 releases at a later date. The first of those is the MALCONTENT cd which will be 10 songs similar in style and somewhat of a companion piece to the HOLLOWED OUT 12".

I mentioned FOAD earlier, and we are also working with them on another release, this time as a split 12" with an Italian band that I'm VERY excited about. I'll reveal them when it gets closer to completion. We have about 14 songs, some of which push the chaotic envelope as far as we could, and a couple other slower tracks.

The other two releases written in 2015 will be two 7" eps, one called DETEST which is a full on pv release (8 songs) and one without a title currently which is more grindy (10 songs)

For the more hardcore punk driven folks that don't need blast beats to survive, we have 3 releases written: RECOURSE, ASSASSIN and DEADLOCK. So keep your eyes and ears peeled. 2016 is gonna be a wild ride.

Check out various releases I mentioned here:

Thursday, October 8, 2015


The splits with TO THE POINT are HERE. As bummed as we are that Extortion is no longer playing, the show will go on and will be the official release show for this record. Our brothers from Hummingbird Of Death are still coming out all the way from Boise. It's gonna be a great time

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Interview for Arch Vile Zine

       This interview was done by Benjamin Kollath a few months back for the Hungary zine Arch Vile. 
       Hey there! First introduce yourself and other members of the bandCan you give us the brief history of Sidetracked (main releases, best tours, etc.)?

     I'm Jay. I started the band in 2000 and we played our first show in December of 2000. Brian joined in January of 2001 and has drummed for us since. Andrew has played bass for us live since 2010. I've always written the music and lyrics and for the past 12 years have provided vocals, guitar and bass on the recordings (besides the Wrench tape) I did only vocals live for the first 10 years but now do vocals and guitar live. Some important releases I think would be the "One Lane Road Ahead" cd for it was a result of many years of riffs, frustration, near band breakups and I consider it the start of our "second wave". I think the "Hustle" tape and "In Disgust split" 7in  showed our foray into the full on short song assault, with a good attention to flow and production. I think our "Uniform" 7inch is our best because of the chaotic nature and it's just my favorite overall, but would like to add I'm extremely proud of the string of releases from "Uniform-Forfeit-Wrench-Self Inflicted split and Gaz 66 split". Those all came out within a short amount of time from each other and it felt good to be that productive and with that diverse of material. As for tours, we did a semi-full US tour in 2008 that had some good shows and in 2009 we played Speed Trials at Gilman with some other cool fastcore and grind bands. Nothing too crazy to report on with any other tours. We usually would go down the west coast with another band of friends. Some people would care. Most wouldn't and that would be that. 

        If someone asks me to describe the main characteristics of your music, the first thing that comes to mind is that your songs are mostly damn short. Is there some specific reason behind this?

        The first record I heard with predominantly short songs was Agnostic Front's "United Blood" and it blew my little 16 year old mind. After that I came across Capitalist Casualties "Raised Ignorant" and that was it. I have a different view on short songs than most people. I think for a lot of people they see them as underdeveloped. I focus on song structure, or more importantly, an alternative to the pop song "verse-chorus" method. That's not to say I don't listen to pop song based bands, or even have some straight forward Sidetracked songs. But for the most part, I think there are endless formulas for writing hardcore/power-violence songs. Mike Watt and Chuck Dukowski both summed up how I feel with "The song lasts as long as the inspiration lasts".

        What bands were the biggest influences for you?

         I would say my biggest influences would be No Comment, Capitalist Casualties, Lack of Interest and Straight Ahead/NYC Mayhem. There are so many influences that creep up though. Anything from demo era Negative Approach, Poison Idea, Heist, Napalm Death "Scum", Bone Awl, Morbid Angel, Nihilist Commando, early 7 Minutes of Nausea, Blasphemy, Chain of Strength, Sissy Spacek, early Sick of it All, Rupture, Disclose, Right Brigade, the list goes on and on. While that's a diverse set of influences, I'd like to think that things get sent through the "Sidetracked filter" enough that it still sounds like us. 

       On your Bandcamp page, there’s a preview of your upcoming „Abandon” 7’ EP, which are only drum/vocal tracks. The whole EP is like that?

        Yes, that is just drums and vocals with some feedback from the vocals. It's actually going to be a cd that I am going to release myself through "Problems They Persist". It's 24 songs total. It's much more noisegrind influenced than anything else we've done. Andrew and I are big fans of stuff like Gore Beyond Necropsy, World and Nikudorei. It probably doesn't sound like any of those bands, but we are fans. The drums are cut up and edited quite a bit too which could be somewhat reminiscent of Aunt Mary or Arsedestroyer. 

       How much time does a Sidetracked set take on a show? Is it enough to get yourself through to the audience?

       We usually play about 25 songs and that lasts about 10 minutes. I think that is plenty to get our point across. We try to play a few songs from all our releases. At the end of the set, I am done. Some people complain it's too short. Oh well. Keep em wanting more, and if people don't like you, they can go to the corner store and get a soda pop. We'll be finished before you get back. 

      You got a lot of releases coming up, can you tell us a few words about them?

        As for releases that are completed or near complete, the split 10" with Gride should be coming out this year on Insane Society. We recorded 10 rough rehearsal style tracks that I just laid studio vocals over to be released as the "Escape" cd. Next on the docket to be recorded would be the split 7" with To The Point, split tape with God's America, Opposition 7", Gorgonized Dorks split cd, Scalped split 7", Untitled tape, Violent Opposition split 7", Limbs Bin split tape, a variety of stand alone releases, and a full length to be released on To Live a Lie. 

      What are Sidetracked’s lyrics mostly about?

        Definitely more on the personal tip. Venting about frustrations surrounding certain people or situations and sometimes examining myself and my actions. Lately it has been a mix of personal and some more abstract lyrics. 

      Have you guys been to Europe yet? Is it among your plans to get over the pond?

       We have not been to Europe yet. It would be interesting but at this point in time I do not see it happening. I have my family responsibilities, and I don't enjoy destroying my voice night after night. We also are in several bands and live in one of the most often toured areas so we get to play with most of our favorite bands regardless. I've also heard European crowds give you a really hard time if you play a short set. Is this true??

     Last year you had a split with GAZ-66 Intrusion from Ukraine, which is next to Hungary. What else do you know about Hungary?

       I know nothing about Hungary to be honest! I don't know if I can name a single band. I'm sorry Ben!

      As much as i know you have a 3-year old daughter, how is she? Will she follow her father’s path of becoming a hardcore musician? How do you adjust the time spent with your band with the time you spend with your other stuff? Most people quit making music when they start a family.

       I do have a 3 year old daughter and she is incredible (but also quite the troublemaker lately!) I try not to expose her to too much hardcore as the yelling is probably very confusing to her and the last thing I want to do is make her yell MORE. She seems more receptive to my wife's Ke$ha and Katy Perry cds. (My wife likes some hardcore too, but I digress) It gets tougher and tougher to adjust time but it's very important to me to continue playing music and not turning into a boring Dad who "used to" do this and that. 

       How’s the Tacoma scene? Any great up-and-coming bands who you would recommend for the readers to check out?

        Tacoma is cool. For Tacoma, I'm really just concerned with what I do and my friends do. So check out Sojourner, Bookburner, Exit Bag, Fever, The Helm, Negative Press, Criminal Code, Earth Control, and Dethrone. 

      Do you know what an Arch Vile is?

      I don't. I had to look it up, and it appears to be some kind of creature from DOOM. 

       Thanks for the interview, anything that hasn’t been mentioned or asked, and last words?

Thank you! If anyone wants to get in contact with me, email me at Check out tunes at and check updates at

Monday, October 27, 2014

Upcoming releases

It's been too long so I figured we were due for an update. It's actually been a really productive year. We have a rehearsal space and a new engineer so things have been happening.

At the end of June we recorded 12 tracks. 6 of them are going to the TO THE POINT split 7" to be released on Deep Six. Expect super fast all the way through from us. Their side is done as well but I've yet to hear it. They're in the mixing stages and we still need to figure out artwork. In the meantime, go check out their awesome new 7" Give Me a Reason.

The other 6 are going to the SCALPED split 7" to be released on Mullet Death. There are two bands called SCALPED from Northern California at the moment. The one I'm referring to is a one man power violence band that has released splits with Cogs and Sprockets and Agathocles among other things. Musically/vocally I feel we are cut from the same cloth and I really dig their side. Our side has some really short songs and some with a little bit of groove. Here's a an older track of theirs:

At the end of September we hit the studio again and recorded 33 songs. 12 of those are for the OPPOSITION 7" to be released on Rotten to the Core. I've mentioned in the past, these 12 songs were constructed out of riffs originally written in '05-'06. It was a fun challenge to myself to work within those constraints and come up with an EP's worth of songs. A fairly eclectic mix but still very fast and very raging.

11 songs are going on a split 7" with VIOLENT OPPOSITION. Expect very short hardcore songs from us, a couple with a metal flare. VIOLENT OPPOSITION is the current focus of Damian from Self Inflicted. Each release varies from the next. The session presented here is very similar to a previous band of his called LIE STILL which features Pete from BENUMB on vocals. Here's a track from that session:

The last 10 tracks from that session are for the split tape with LIMBS BIN. Expect short noisecore bursts with a droning undercurrent, influenced by Sore Throat. Limbs Bin is an awesome one man noisegrind band fronted by Josh Landes, also host of the excellent radio show INFINITE DISTORTION. To be released on his label Follow Me Into The Laser Eye.

The ESCAPE cdep is very close to being sent to the plant. Just working out a couple artwork and final mix things. Music for this was recorded back in November 2013 and the vocals were recorded this past April. 10 tracks, very raw, very lo-fi. Think Negative Approach demo era sent through the Sidetracked filter. To be released by me through Problems They Persist.

The ABANDON cd should've been out by now but I've been taking forever with final mix details and artwork as well. To be released by me through Problems They Persist. Here's some of the tracks again:

The split 10" with GRIDE should be out in the next few weeks through INSANE SOCIETY. I will let people know what's going on with US distribution. Here's a sample of what the covers will look like:

The next thing I plan on tackling in the studio will be for the split cd with GORGONIZED DORKS. 11 songs with a little more of an early 80's hc slant with some twists and turns. That set of songs was initially written for the split tape with GOD'S AMERICA but I found out their side was a whopping 6 AND A HALF MINS (which is basically a full length in our world) so some new songs have been written to hopefully reach that length.

The To Live A Lie lp has been an interesting writing process. I keep getting a bulk of songs that don't exactly fit with the lp's vibe. So far that has manifested into 2 different sets: one is heavier and more rhythmic songs and the other is more along an 80's hc/d beat line. The latter will make up an EP called ASSASSIN which I plan on tackling early next year and recording live with the full band on a 4 track. The former is yet to have a home. As for the lp itself, it is coming along nicely and also much more hardcore than I initially planned but I think it's gonna be cool.

Several more releases are in the works as well and I will also post some tracks to some of the newer releases mentioned here very soon.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014
Ladies' Choice Presents:
Shitstorm (grindcore featuring the rhythm section of Torche) -

Holly Hunt (sludgy duo featuring original drummer of Floor (Official)) -

Sidetracked -

plus guests
$8 - 9pm
@ Victory Lounge - 433 Eastlake Ave E