Thursday, June 9, 2011

UNIFORM review in MRR

Issue #338 July '11 of MRR:


"Thinking back to the time when my record purchases were based primarily on how many songs a band could cram onto an EP, this SIDETRACKED record would have been at the top of my list. A thirteen song one-sided single screams powerviolence, and SIDETRACKED deliver the goods with start/stop madness and bursts of chaos tempered with brief but crushing slow riffs before launching back into head spinning riff after riff and a drummer that seems to not have a handle on "appropriate boundaries" and just goes fukkn' apeshit from start to finish. Completely manic and ADD, but in the best possible way- SIDETRACKED has written songs , and even when they are thirteen seconds long, you have a chance to get into them. And please believe that I got into them. If you like fast and you like power, then you like this. Do it.
(To Live a Lie)