Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sidetracked/Hummingbird of Death Canada Takeover

September 6, 2012 The Morgue, Seattle, WA HOD, Drug Culture, Grimace, Sidetracked, Totes Brute. 8pm, $6.
September 7, 2012 GRINDLANDIA 2012, The Hidden Gem, 511 David St. Unit E, Victoria, BC Detroit (AB), HOD, Lab Rat (AB), Permanent Ruin (CA), Sidetracked (WA), Bungus, Burning Ghats, Obacha, Sixbrewbantha, Skuff, Soy, Write Off. 7pm, $15.
September 8, 2012 Squamish, BC (email obacha@hotmail.ca for location!) Detroit (AB), HOD, Sidetracked (WA), Obacha, Skuff. 9pm, $10.
September 9, 2012 Iron Road Studios, 383 Raymur St., Vancouver, BC HOD, Sidetracked (WA), Burning Ghats, Cooked And Eaten, Obacha, Skuff. 7pm, $10.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Self Inflicted split and Wrench review on Built to Blast

Some kind words from Mr. Vii

Self Inflicted split: http://builttoblast-vii.blogspot.com/2012/06/one-of-them.html

Wrench tape: http://builttoblast-vii.blogspot.com/2012/03/wrench.html

He's also written some stuff about us on another blog, Operation Grindcore. Check that out here:


Forfeit review (Sore throat, nausea and headache)

I love how in depth my man Simone gets. Check it out here:


Several reviews, by one man

I've been slacking on linking to review blogs. My man Jeff Caffey was kind enough to review a bunch of our releases in a row on his blog Suds Denim a few months ago. Here they are separated:

Forfeit EP: http://sudsdenim.blogspot.com/2012/03/sidetracked-forfeit.html

Wrench tape: http://sudsdenim.blogspot.com/2012/03/sidetracked-wrench.html

Uniform EP: http://sudsdenim.blogspot.com/2012/03/sidetracked-uniform-7.html

Hummingbird of Death split 6in: http://sudsdenim.blogspot.com/2012/03/sidetracked-hod-split-5.html

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Upcoming shows for May

May 28th at The Know with:

Weekend Nachos
Raw Nerves

8pm (21+)

2026 NE Alberta St
Portland, OR 97211

May 29th at The Redroom with:

Dead in the Dirt

8pm, $8
2313 Tacoma Ave
Tacoma, WA

WRENCH review in MRR 349

Sidetracked "Wrench"

Sidetracked are from Tacoma, WA and play really fast hardcore with a strong NO COMMENT vibe. Singer has some straight CROSSED OUT style vocals as well. Powerviolence influenced hardcore is pretty much a joke in 2012, but I think SIDETRACKED are one of the better bands doing this style nowadays and it's cool that they are still an active band. (Tony) (12 song cassette, lyrics included, tolivealie@gmail.com)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PREORDER for Split 7inch with SELF INFLICTED


Preorder is on clear blue wax out of 100. Comes out May 14th

FORFEIT review from MRR #348

"A legitimately inventive interpretation of early 90's powerviolence meted with ferocious early grindcore. Songs clock in well under 30 seconds each, and they are full of curve balls (no vocals here, no guitars there, an eight second burner taking up the entire b-side- these dudes are crazy). Barely time to breathe between songs. File under brutal. (WN)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wrench tape and Forfeit 7in available

Wrench tape is now available. Limited to 150 copies and comes with a digital download.
Buy here: http://tolivealie.com/webstore/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=4&products_id=1080
Listen to a few tracks here: http://sidetracked.bandcamp.com/album/wrench

Forfeit 7inch is also available. 100 copies on red (preorder/mail order only) 100 on clear, 100 on green, 200 on black
Buy here: http://www.rtcrecords.com/
Listen to a few tracks here: http://sidetracked.bandcamp.com/album/forfeit

Friday, January 13, 2012

FORFEIT pre-orders and other news

Rotten to the Core is taking preorders for our FORFEIT 7inch right now. There is a red vinyl version with altered artwork. Check it out here: http://www.rtcrecords.com/

After some delays at the plant, the WRENCH tape has gone into production. I would imagine it should be done in a couple weeks. More news as it develops on that.

Our split 7inch with SELF INFLICTED is also very close to being available. Deep Six had to send it to another plant but expects a test press will be available very soon. There's some awesome stuff coming out on Deep Six soon, so if you're planning on picking up the new Low Threat Profile and Manpig records, why don't you add this little platter to your cart? Both sides smoke. I'm very proud of this release.

Our side of the GAZ-66 Intrusion split is basically done, we just need do some volume adjustments and I will post a song or two from that.

Last September while recording the final song for the GAZ split, we started work on the B Side to Walk it Off entitled No Direction and also the drum tracks for the Abandon EP. No Direction is going to need some cleaning up and the Abandon tracks came out a little differently than I was expecting so I am going to revisit them some time later. Right now I want to focus on the XBRAINIAX split lp/cd. 15 songs of relentless fastcore. We'll hopefully be in the studio in a couple weeks for this one.

Also around September, I got an idea for an EP I want to do. I'm bringing back the RECOURSE title but this is entirely different than what that was. The former RECOURSE was to be a full length with some more metallic leaning, experimental songs. That has since become the material for the upcoming GRIDE split. The present RECOURSE has influences so far all over the map it's not even worth mentioning BUT what I can say is it'll be a cohesive, primitive hardcore punk record with very minimal ideas. Also, I want to record it live in the studio, except vocals. So this will be the second release our bassist Andrew will play on. I plan on this coming out on a limited cd.

Been finishing up the writing for a full length cd. The working title for it right now is HIRED GUN. The bulk of this was written a year ago in one late evening. I'm working with about 25 songs and I'm really liking the results. I think it fits right alongside the stuff for the XBRAINIAX split. Some chaotic fastcore, and some more straight hardcore songs as well. There's no rush on this as I still need to get some lyrics for it and finish some songs. I want to take some time with this one.

One release I used to bring up but set aside I have decided to revisit. That is the UNTITLED cassette. Right now I'm planning on 6 eclectic hardcore songs (some with a more dissonant edge than we normally have, and 4 instrumentals) This will be c0-released through Knochen Tapes out of Germany and Yakuzzi Tapes out of France.

We are also going to be doing a split tape with our friends in Las Vegas known as GOD'S AMERICA. They used to be called Seeds of Grape, or something along those lines.. ;-) I'm planning on some stuff that's a little more in the 80's hardcore realm for this one, with some twists and turns. I'm also planning on about 3 cover songs for this one. This will be released by Tombs in the Valley out of the UK.

Other releases in the works, more details on those as they come.