Monday, January 14, 2013

What's coming up in 2013 (so far)

It's been way too long since last update so let's get right to it.

A split 7inch with California powerhouse TO THE POINT has been planned. This is a dream come true for me since these guys are basically the focus of the Lack of Interest camp right now and they dropped two of the best records of the year.

A split with noise legends GORGONIZED DORKS has been planned. Our side will be a strange culmination of influences I had around the time this first got brought up (about August or so) So expect some short thrash metal songs here and there among some other things. There's been talks of me loosening the reins a little bit and enlisting Andrew to write a noisecore bass block to close out our side.

Lastly, as for new split talk, will be with Australia's best band: EXTORTION. This was very recently spoken of and they are currently VERY busy working on other splits so don't expect either band to start working on this for another year.

Looks like the GAZ-66 INTRUSION split 7in is slated for release early this year on RSR. Our side of the XBRAINIAX split is done so it's a matter of them finishing their side. We finished our track for the To Live a Lie II comp. It's called Pressured Speech and is 15 seconds of totally blown out pv/fastcore. The drums were culled from the ABANDON E.P. session. I took a break from that EP for a good 6 months and revisited it a few weeks ago and I think it's finally ready for some vocals. Expect cut up drums and lots of feedback. For the freaks only.

Sounds like GRIDE will start recording for their side of the split in February so we're gonna try to follow suit. We've practiced about half of these songs so far. Still yet to start on the GOD'S AMERICA split tape as well but the music is pretty much written. Just need to get some lyrics (for this and everything else...)

I've mentioned in the past a full length I had roughly written tentatively titled HIRED GUN. I had this overwhelming feeling recently to dip into this pool of songs and use about half of them for the TO THE POINT split. The reason being I feel very strong about the songs and want to get them out there but also want the flow to be perfect. When I thought of them in a full length context, I was worried about there being a lull and I don't want that. So I'm planning on about 13 of the 25 going on the split. The remaining for the time being will still be planned for HIRED GUN and with added songs at a later date.

I also have dug up some old riff tapes recently from '05-'06 and have found some gems in there and am contemplating creating an EP out of that down the road.

That's all for now.