Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sidetracked in Tacoma with Die Time (Chicago)

  • Monday, January 20th @ The Bomb Shelter in Tacoma

    DIE TIME (chicago)

    bring some clams for the touring band
    8pm <-----show up early

    1515 99th St E, Tacoma, Wa 98445

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New songs from Abandon EP, Rotten To The Core Comp + more

Here are 5 of the 24 songs from the Abandon EP. I plan on releasing this on limited cd through Problems They Persist. Drums were recorded September of 2011, edited over the course of two years and vocals recorded September of 2013. More in a noisegrind vein not very typical of our other stuff. The manipulation and improvisational feel here is not something I plan on doing more of in the future, but the reckless nature of this release is indicative of what may appear on future recordings.

We submitted a song called Disconnect to the Action For Animals Comp 7inch. It was recorded during the Uniform session. 25 bands total including To The Point, Yacopsae, Rabid Pigs, Disleksick, and many more.
100% of all profits will be donated to P.A.F. (Pet Adoption Fund). P.A.F. is not only the largest non-profit no-kill animal shelter in Los Angeles, but all of Southern California. They are located at 7507 Deering Ave. Canoga Park, CA. 91303 and can be reached through their website,

Order here:
Download/Stream here:

Last October, we recorded 10 songs on a tape deck for a cdep called Escape. Vocals are still to be recorded. Fans of the Wrench tape take note. Similar recording technique but more of a short fastcore feel as opposed to Wrench's more plodding hardcore punk.

The split with XBRAINIAX is no longer happening as they broke up officially several months ago. As I've mentioned before, the songs we recorded for that were submitted to the Gride split 10inch. Everything on our end has been sent off for that record and I will keep you updated on any news.

We're gearing up for 2014 which will be recording, recording, recording. The first session I plan on tackling will consist of songs for the To The Point split 7", God's America split tape, Gorgonized Dorks split cd, Unnerved 7" and Untitled tape. Unnerved (which may change titles to Opposition) is a 12 song set I mentioned over last year that consists of old unearthed riffs from several years ago fleshed out into songs. To be released on Rotten To The Core.

It's official that To Live A Lie will release our upcoming lp. As of now, I'm sticking with the title that I worked with before, Hired Gun. 2013 was quite a lyrical year for me which for once gave me excess songs and some of my favorites I have written music to. Typically I always have music first and add lyrics but the main goal for this lp is to go the other way around. Expect fastcore with some twists and turns.

There's a ton more going on but I will leave you with this for now. I'm hoping 2014 will be much more productive than 2013.