Monday, October 27, 2014

Upcoming releases

It's been too long so I figured we were due for an update. It's actually been a really productive year. We have a rehearsal space and a new engineer so things have been happening.

At the end of June we recorded 12 tracks. 6 of them are going to the TO THE POINT split 7" to be released on Deep Six. Expect super fast all the way through from us. Their side is done as well but I've yet to hear it. They're in the mixing stages and we still need to figure out artwork. In the meantime, go check out their awesome new 7" Give Me a Reason.

The other 6 are going to the SCALPED split 7" to be released on Mullet Death. There are two bands called SCALPED from Northern California at the moment. The one I'm referring to is a one man power violence band that has released splits with Cogs and Sprockets and Agathocles among other things. Musically/vocally I feel we are cut from the same cloth and I really dig their side. Our side has some really short songs and some with a little bit of groove. Here's a an older track of theirs:

At the end of September we hit the studio again and recorded 33 songs. 12 of those are for the OPPOSITION 7" to be released on Rotten to the Core. I've mentioned in the past, these 12 songs were constructed out of riffs originally written in '05-'06. It was a fun challenge to myself to work within those constraints and come up with an EP's worth of songs. A fairly eclectic mix but still very fast and very raging.

11 songs are going on a split 7" with VIOLENT OPPOSITION. Expect very short hardcore songs from us, a couple with a metal flare. VIOLENT OPPOSITION is the current focus of Damian from Self Inflicted. Each release varies from the next. The session presented here is very similar to a previous band of his called LIE STILL which features Pete from BENUMB on vocals. Here's a track from that session:

The last 10 tracks from that session are for the split tape with LIMBS BIN. Expect short noisecore bursts with a droning undercurrent, influenced by Sore Throat. Limbs Bin is an awesome one man noisegrind band fronted by Josh Landes, also host of the excellent radio show INFINITE DISTORTION. To be released on his label Follow Me Into The Laser Eye.

The ESCAPE cdep is very close to being sent to the plant. Just working out a couple artwork and final mix things. Music for this was recorded back in November 2013 and the vocals were recorded this past April. 10 tracks, very raw, very lo-fi. Think Negative Approach demo era sent through the Sidetracked filter. To be released by me through Problems They Persist.

The ABANDON cd should've been out by now but I've been taking forever with final mix details and artwork as well. To be released by me through Problems They Persist. Here's some of the tracks again:

The split 10" with GRIDE should be out in the next few weeks through INSANE SOCIETY. I will let people know what's going on with US distribution. Here's a sample of what the covers will look like:

The next thing I plan on tackling in the studio will be for the split cd with GORGONIZED DORKS. 11 songs with a little more of an early 80's hc slant with some twists and turns. That set of songs was initially written for the split tape with GOD'S AMERICA but I found out their side was a whopping 6 AND A HALF MINS (which is basically a full length in our world) so some new songs have been written to hopefully reach that length.

The To Live A Lie lp has been an interesting writing process. I keep getting a bulk of songs that don't exactly fit with the lp's vibe. So far that has manifested into 2 different sets: one is heavier and more rhythmic songs and the other is more along an 80's hc/d beat line. The latter will make up an EP called ASSASSIN which I plan on tackling early next year and recording live with the full band on a 4 track. The former is yet to have a home. As for the lp itself, it is coming along nicely and also much more hardcore than I initially planned but I think it's gonna be cool.

Several more releases are in the works as well and I will also post some tracks to some of the newer releases mentioned here very soon.