Thursday, September 1, 2011

Upcoming releases news

I couldn't be happier to announce two upcoming splits:

First is going to go be a split 12inch (and possible cd version later) with the almighty XBRAINIAX. I've been hoping to do this for awhile now and I'm happy that its now reaching fruition. I have 15 songs written for it and I would say fans of the UNIFORM record will not be disappointed.

Secondly is going to be a split 7inch with Czech grind legends GRIDE. I had the pleasure of seeing them when they were in the states a year ago and if if you haven't already, go check out their flawless Horizont Udalosti lp and their equally great newest lp/cd Zaskuby Chaosu. I am planning on using an updated version of songs that were going to appear on the aborted Recourse record. Expect some diversity, experimentalism, and some more metallic leanings. 10-11 songs.

I have to give some props out to my man Will Butler from To Live a Lie (who I had the pleasure of meeting in person on his recent trip to Seattle) for agreeing to release our WRENCH tape. 100 copies with a digital download. 12 exclusive songs for fans of the raw. To celebrate the upcoming release of this tape, I uploaded 3 more songs in addition to Nothing's Broken that I posted a couple months ago. Inside/Pick My Battles is two songs on one track since they go right into each other.

I'm very excited to announce DEEP SIX will be releasing our upcoming split 7inch with SELF INFLICTED. I've loved that label and Lack of Interest for a long time and its an honor to work with Bob. The songs have been sent to him so its a matter of when he's available to put it out plus the artwork getting done. Have I mentioned already that the Self Inflicted side is some of the best music I've heard in years?? I'd put it up there with the Low Threat Profile EP.

I have mentioned before an EP called TYRANNY that we recorded a year and a half ago. Tyranny has been compromised somewhat with one of the songs being taken off to be put on a comp. Therefore my plan as of late is to record a new song in place of the one taken off and this will be what makes up our side of the GAZ 66 INTRUSION split 7inch. RSR will be releasing this once it is finished. Gaz 66 finished their side awhile ago so now its on us. While in the studio recording this song, I am planning on recording the 10 songs for our upcoming ABANDON EP (its gonna be strange...) and hopefully (FINALLY) a B side to our WALK IT OFF single. My good ol friend Jeffry Hesse of 16oh fame has mentioned he may be interested in releasing said single. If the vibe in the studio is right, MAYBE we can knock out the long talked about DISMISSAL EP. My buddy Mike Hummingbird actually asked me about this one last time I saw him and I was excited that somebody actually cared about it! It made me wanna get my butt in gear and get it done.

The FORFEIT EP is so close to being done I can TASTE IT. I am finally happy with the mix, we just have to do one more crucial thing (that has somehow been taking forever) and it will be off to Rotten to the Core to get pressed. Once I get a final master in my hands I will upload a few more songs for yall to hear the primitive grind.

QUITE A YEAR SO FAR, FRIENDS. As usual, I will keep you posted with news as it comes.