Tuesday, May 14, 2013

SIDETRACKED/GAZ 66 INTRUSION split 7inch available + more

This 7" is now available! 9 eclectic songs of sonic experimentation on our end, 2 of which being a Black Flag and Melvins cover. GAZ-66 Intrusion hails from Ukraine and bring 7 blasting grindcore tunes reminiscient of Yacopsae, as heard on their previous 625 EP Power Without Violence. Also includes a classic Crossed Out cover. 100 on yellow vinyl. 

If you're in the US, order it from Rotten to the Core here: http://rtcrecords.storenvy.com/products/1486828-sidetracked-gaz-66-intrusion-split-7

In other news, it looks like the 15 tracks recorded for the split 12" with XBRAINIAX will now be used for the split 10" with GRIDE. The 10 song set originally intended for the GRIDE split unfortunately didn't get recorded in time as GRIDE is done with their side and XBRAINIAX has not started theirs. So as it goes with schedules and time, we have to make do. Still ironing out details on the split 10" so no release date yet. The original 10 song set will be postponed until further notice. A couple of the songs have been tripping me up for years..

Planning on doing a major recording session hopefully in June of next month. I have 13 songs written for the TO THE POINT split 7" that will appeal to fans of UNIFORM and SELF INFLICTED split. I mentioned last update that I'd come across old riffs from '06 and had been reconstructing them into songs. Things have been going really well there and I've come to 12 songs that I'm planning on using for XBRAINIAX split Part Deux. Should appeal to fans of our IN DISGUST/DEAD RADICAL splits era. As for the GORGONIZED DORKS split, I mentioned Andrew writing a noisecore bass block, but looks like that plan will be scrapped and I'm planning on going with the original 11 songs that were to precede that. Expect very short songs, some with thrash metal leanings. I'm really excited about this. I'm hoping this will be released as a split cd. Still working on GOD'S AMERICA split tape songs. If all goes as originally planned, expect some quirky, early 80's style jams (of course through the skewed Sidetracked filter) In the meantime, pick up their excellent A389 EP, "Our Bones Will Bleach In The Sun". Hopefully we can record more during this session but we'll have to wait and see. 

Our good friend John Hoffman (AKA Snyder) of Weekend Nachos/Bad Teeth Records fame has invited us to contribute a track to his Wake Up Dead Volume II compilation. He wants a minute and a half song so expect a little something different from us for this one. 

I mentioned last update how half of the aborted HIRED GUN full length was to go to the TO THE POINT split, and I've been toying with the thought of using the other half for the upcoming EXTORTION split while also including a cover of FAILURE FACE'S angsty number "Broken Man". 

We will be playing Seattle's annual hardcore fest, RAINFEST, on Sunday May 26th. We will hopefully have new shirts. 

Aside from all this, there's still much, much more in the works. As usual, I will keep you all posted as it reaches reality.